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Teegi - © Potioc


Potioc and the University of Lorraine

Laure Buquet - 27/01/2015

This is the story of a human and scientific encounter. When Stéphanie Fleck, the Associate Professor leading the University of Lorraine's PErSEUs* team, came to Talence barely a year ago to present her work to the IMH'13 conference (organised by Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and the Francophone Association for Man-Machine Interaction), she discovered the work of Martin Hachet, who was heading the Potioc project team. 


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Ebola virus seen under the microscope - © Jaddingt-Fotolia


Developing a new Ebola vaccine

Université de Bordeaux - Inserm - 22/01/2015

A programme to develop a new-generation vaccination strategy for the Ebola vaccine (EBOVAC 2) has been launched by Inserm and is coordinated by Rodolphe Thiébaut at Bordeaux University, who is leader of the SISTM project team


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La transmission du VIH-1 de cellule à cellule. Lymphocyte infecté par le VIH-1 (en jaune) en contact avec des lymphocytes non infectés (en bleu et rose). Les particules virales sont en jaune clair. Photo en microscopie électronique à balayage. - © Institut Pasteur/Olivier Schwartz, unité Virus et Immunité ; Plate-forme de microscopie ultrastructurale ; Colorisation Jean-Marc Panaud.


Immuno-restorative treatments

Citizen Press - 26/11/2014

As its name indicates, the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the cause of Aids, weakens the immune system. Although current treatments can halt its effects, the reconstruction of the immune system still poses a problem, especially for those people who are diagnosed late. 


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When Inria inspires start-ups and takes them to the French Senate


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The Klang-OMP compiler automatically translates an OpenMP compliant application into an application exploiting the targeted runtime system.


Consortium with OpenMP ARB


On 22 July 2016 Inria joined the OpenMP Architecture Review Board (OpenMP ARB), an association of 28 manufacturers, software publishers and research bodies, all leaders in their field, to collaborate in the design of a standard parallel programming model using shared memory. 

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Nicolas Roussel Director of Inria Bordeaux


Since July 17th 2017, Nicolas Roussel is the new director of Inria Bordeaux - Sud Ouest research centre.


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Academic partnership

IHU Liryc inauguration


The Liryc University Hospital Institute (IHU) was inaugurated on 4 November 2016 in the presence of numerous leading figures from the clinical and political world.


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2016 Serge Hocquenghem Prize

Serge Hocquenghem Prize


Didier Roy has been awarded the 2016 Serge Hocquenghem prize for his work in computer science and education sciences.

He was all the more “happy and honoured” to receive this prize as it is named after the creator of Geoplan, an innovative geometry software tool that this former mathematics teacher adopted as soon as it came out (more than twenty years ago). “This tool did a great deal to stimulate my interest in the use of digital technology in teaching,” he remembers.

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Manuel Tunon de Lara, Président de l'université de Bordeaux et Antoine Petit Président-directeur général d'Inria - Olivier Got - Université de Bordeaux

Scientific partnership

framework agreement between Inria and the University of Bordeaux

Séverine Valerius - 17/10/2014

On Friday 17 October, in the presence of Manuel Tunon de Lara, chancellor of the University of Bordeaux and Antoine Petit, CEO of Inria, the scientific partnership framework agreement was signed, affirming a shared vision of the research strategy of their two establishments in the field of digital sciences and their applications. 


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Digital culture

IniRobot, an introductory learning sequence to robotics

Mathilde De Vos - 16/10/2014

Introducing computing and robotics in schools is child's play! That is the message the Flowers team wishes to get across using IniRobot, an introductory learning sequence to robotics. 


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