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Foundation of Allistene, the Digital Sciences and Technologies Alliance


The first coordination meeting of the Allistene alliance was held on 1 March 2010. Its founding members are major national players in ICST research: the CDEFI (Conference of Engineering College and Training Directors), the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research), the CPU (Conference of University Chairmen), Inria and the Institut Télécom. Allistene's aim is to promote collaborative thinking and coordinate its members in terms of foresight and overall strategy, the challenges of advanced training, planning, European and international partnerships, and industrial utilization and liaison. Its functioning will be based on six working groups called "programmatic groups", comprising top-flight researchers, and the division of tasks between a Chairman of the Coordination Committee in charge of overall management and five Vice-Presidents in charge of managing Allistene's work in each of its key assignments.


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XtremLog - Capteurs dans le désert Ep4 Guillaume Chelius - © Inria

Research action

Inria launches an unprecedented data measurement experiment at the heart of the Moroccan desert


This year, the SULTAN MARATHON DES SABLES will welcome a new kind of runner. Guillaume Chelius, a junior research scientist in Inria’s DNET team and an ultra-marathon runner, will run 250 km over 7 days, kitted out with 16 sensors, which will, in real time and without any human intervention, measure numerous physiological, biomechanical and environmental variables. Once they have been sorted and analysed, the resulting data can be used to model the race and study the body’s movements, its performance levels, and the ways in which it adapts to the environment, weather conditions and fatigue.


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Inria launches the first French high security academic research laboratory


Located at the heart of Inria’s Nancy-Grand Est centre, the high security computing laboratory (LHS) is aimed at hosting decisive research work for making networks, Internet exchanges and associated telecommunications equipment safe. Alongside its partners, Inria is today inaugurating this completely new research facility. The LHS provides the technological and regulatory framework needed for scientific advances that accompany developments in our technological society. Open to industrial partners, the laboratory also represents a favourable opportunity for reliability tests that are needed before various technological products or solutions can be put on the market.


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Applications pour réseaux de capteurs sans fil avec l’environnement Srijan  © INRIA / Photo Kaksonen  © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


A large group of French innovation players creates the Mobile Services Initiative to stimulate growth in the French ecosystem of mobile phone applications and services


Inria, the Institut Télécom, the competitiveness clusters Cap Digital, SCS and Systematic, the Mobile Alley association, Telecom Valley, OSEO, Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Bouygues Telecom and a large group of SMEs (including start-ups such as Senda, Appsfactory and Intuitivlab) have announced the creation of the Mobile Services Initiative, which aims to bring together all national players in this field.


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Technology transfer policy

GENCI, Inria and OSEO join forces to support SMEs in first-time access to high-performance computing


The "HPC-SME Initiative" is the name of the programme jointly launched by GENCI, Inria and OSEO in partnership with four global competitiveness clusters to facilitate and encourage access by SMEs to high-performance computing (HPC). Put together in compliance with the recommendations of the Digital France 2012 plan, this programme aims to support and increase the competitiveness of SMEs whose industrial innovation projects are liable to benefit from the use of high-performance computing. The core element of the initiative is long-term assistance provided with the aim of guaranteeing the effective integration of the growth capabilities afforded by HPC.


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High-level appointments at Inria


Four months after being re-appointed as Chairman and CEO for another term, Michel Cosnard has appointed a number of colleagues to strategic positions in the Institute's organisational structure.


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Inria and Cemagref pool their expertise in order better to understand the complexity of environmental phenomena


Michel Cosnard, Inria Chairman and CEO, and Roger Genet, CEO of Cemagref, have signed a partnership agreement strengthening collaboration between the two organisations on applied research projects concerning environmental problems. This agreement demonstrates the multi-disciplinary approach required of scientists faced with complex environmental problems. The synergies between environmental sciences and computational sciences will be a powerful lever to help meet the challenges posed by global changes and to ensure sustainable development.


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Pascal Guitton is appointed Inria Research Director


Inria Chairman and CEO Michel Cosnard has appointed Pascal Guitton as Research Director as of 1 October 2010.


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