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Pharo Days 2017

18/05/2017 to 19/05/2017

The Pharo core team organizes a Pharo Conference hosted at Inria Lille Nord Europe research center from 18th to 19th May, in the auditorium.

Place : Amphi de l'Inria Lille - Nord Europe


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OpenPaas::NG: A new-generation collaboration platform

Olivia Brenner, LORIA - 18/02/2016

The French government is supporting the OpenPaas::NG project under the Investments for the Future Programme, to the tune of a total of €10.7M. Funded by Bpifrance and led by Linagora, this project in partnership with the COAST project team in respect of the research element seeks to provide a holistic solution for a new-generation virtual office for businesses and public administration offices.


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Julia Lawall (Whisper) : finalist for the Red Hat Women in Open Source Award.


You can STILL vote !  En savoir plus


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A new consortium for Pharo software

Hélène Xypas - 4/03/2013

The Pharo dynamic open-source language is expanding. A consortium has just been established. Several partners, such as VMWare, Yesplan and the Software Composition Group, will join the Inria Rmod project team to mobilise more resources for Pharo software.


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Software Heritage

The great library of source code opens its doors


In 2017, Inria, in particular through the Software Heritage project, signed an agreement with UNESCO in favour of the preservation and sharing of software source code. Today, with the collection work continuing and increasing, UNESCO and Software Heritage are delighted to celebrate a new and crucial stage together: opening the doors of the biggest archive ever built, making the source code of tens of millions of preserved software programs accessible to all.


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Towards a better control of processor architectures with hwloc 2.0


Brice Goglin, researcher within theTADaaM team, is the main developer of the 'Portable Hardware Locality' (hwloc) software used to discover and abstract computer architectures. The 2.0 version of this open source software is available for download.


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Patrick Valduriez Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli

Inria Awards 2014

Patrick Valduriez: Inria - French Académie des sciences - Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award


As a world-class specialist in distributed databases, Patrick Valduriez has directed three major Inria research projects and has found many applications for his discoveries. His major success has been the Kelkoo price comparison site, for which the source code was originally created at Inria and Bull. Patrick Valduriez’s solutions have been used in major database products. His university textbook serves as a reference work for students throughout the world. It’s the story of a knowledge broker.


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Open Source

Inria at POSS 2018

Juliette Fabris, Morgane Hamon - 5/12/2018

This year, Inria will again be a partner of the Paris Open Source Summit , the biggest event in Europe for open source, free software, and open digital technology. With our involvement and commitment to free software and open science, the institute considers open source to be an important vehicle for transferring scientific research to the socio-economic world, but also an essential support tool for access to training and open science.


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Poppy Station - open source robotics for education, research and culture


The association Poppy Station is the result of a transfer from Inria research and its open source robotics ecosystem, Poppy, towards a multi-partner external structure. Presented at the coming educational innovation trade fair, EducaTec EducaTice, in Paris on 21, 22 & 23 November, Poppy Station invites educational, research and cultural stakeholders to take the plunge into open source robotics. 


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Inria Awards 2018

Inria Awards 2018 winners


Lets's discover the men and women who contribute to innovative computer science and mathematics and drive the development of our digital world. The Inria Awards also underline the contributions of research and innovation support teams who play a significant part in the efficiency and successes of Inria. The 2018 winners are honoured on December 18, 2018 at a ceremony dedicated to them at the Collège de France.


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