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Applications pour réseaux de capteurs sans fil avec l’environnement Srijan  © INRIA / Photo Kaksonen  © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Mobile services

Data Publica project: the opening of public data

Marie Gallas-Amblard - 12/10/2010

The Data Publica project began on January 1, 2010, and is expected to last for one year. It is being carried out by Araok, an e-commerce consulting firm, Nexedi, the  company behind the ERP5 Open Source ERP), and Talend, the world leader in open-source data management, in partnership with Atos Origin and Inria, who have joined the project.


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© Kaksonen

Computer Security

New demonstration of the vulnerability of certain Internet security protocols

Laurence Goussu - 25/08/2016

The highlighted flaw, concerning major Internet security protocols - notably OpenVPN and TLS - was already known from a theoretical point of view, but two Inria researchers, Karthik Bhargavan (PROSECCO project team) and Gaëtan Leurent (SECRET project team) have just demonstrated that an attack where it is used as a point of entry is indeed possible.


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Affiche du Café Techno du 23 novembre 2017 Inria-SCM-COM

Café Techno : Privacy on the internet


The Techno Café, organized in partnership with UCA and Inria alumni, is on free access. They are the subject of debate around a theme between the speakers and the participants.

Place : Learning Centre, Sophia Antipolis, 1 p.m.

Guest(s) : Nataliia Bielova (Inria)


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History of Inria

Gérard Le Lann, a pioneer of the Internet and distributed algorithms

A pioneer of the Internet and distributed algorithms, after CERN (European Organisation for Nuclear Research) and Stanford University, Gérard Le Lann joined Iria/Inria where he has carried out most of his career.


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Pascale Vicat-Blanc

Inria Awards 2013

Pascale Vicat-Blanc: Inria – French Académie des sciences – Dassault Systèmes Innovation Award

Pascale Vicat-Blanc, founder of the Lyatiss company, has recently received the lnria - French Académie des Sciences (Academy of Sciences) – Dassault Systèmes Innovation award. She sees in this personal honour a recognition for her team and her company – and an interest in young women that may be inspired by what she has accomplished. Conscious of being a sort of role model, she has campaigned for the European de-compartmentalisation of the spheres of research, business and investment.


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Louis Pouzin Louis Pouzin - © Philippe Batreau

Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering

Louis Pouzin and Internet

Françoise Breton - 11/07/2013

In its first year, the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has rewarded five major contributors to the creation of the Internet and Web. Louis Pouzin, a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique and French IT engineer, was among the winners. He is the man behind packet switching (datagram), and his team built Cyclades – the first network working on the principles of the Internet – at IRIA (the forerunner of Inria) in 1973. He accepted the prize from Queen Elizabeth II herself on 25 June 2013.


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