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Bioinformatics illustration © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Inria - industry meetings

Inria - industry meeting : Bioinformatics and digital tools


On february 11th, 2014 will be held a new Inria - Industry meeting session on «Bioinformatics and digital tools for health products». This one day meeting is co-organized with LyonBiopôle competitiveness cluster.

Place : ENS Lyon, Espace Charles Mérieux, Lyon


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Euratechnologies © INRIA / Photo N. Fagot

Inria Industry meeting


The program of the day on Web technologies: intervention by stakeholders and experts in the field and presentation of numerous innovative technologies and applications.


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Logo PAL


Workshop PAL 2011


Maintaining the dignity and autonomy of the elderly is at stake, therefore opening research  perspectives of interest for Inria Project Teams (IPT). In order to promote this theme and to coordinate the involved activity researches amongst Inria institute, a Large Scale Initiative Action gathers nine projects team from Nancy, Grenoble, Sophia Antipolis and Rennes in one cross-entity named PAL (Personally Assisted Living)

Place : Inria Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée


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Harmonic Pharma

Start-up - Harmonic Pharma

Interview with Michel Souchet and Stéphane Gégout

Harmonic Pharma is developing a solution to extend the therapeutic use of molecules existing on the market. The business was created by two people with rather atypical profiles in the world of start-ups, since they do not come from academic research. It is their pharmaceutical industry research know-how, for one, and the development of innovative technologies, for the other, that allow them to develop computing solutions offering new prospects to existing drugs. An offering with international reach that covers numerous therapeutic fields. Interview with Michel Souchet and Stéphane Gégout, respectively chairman and managing director of Harmonic Pharma.


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Thierry Colin, MC2 project-team Thierry Colin - © Inria / photo H. Raguet

Medical Imaging

Better analysis of scans to adapt radiotherapy

CD - 30/04/2013

The MC2 team at Inria-Bordeaux Sud-Ouest has developed an adaptive radiotherapy technique for automatic monitoring of organs using low-resolution control scans. The benefit for the patient is that it avoids overdoses in at-risk organs.


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Photo I Bird sensor I-Bird experimentation - © Inria / Photo Kaksonen


How infectious diseases spread in a hospital environment


A joint study of the interactions between all the people in a hospital, the i-Bird (Individual-based Investigation of Resistance Dissemination) experiment has helped identify the factors involved in the spread and transmission of bacteria that cause nosocomial infections. The results confirm that new technologies may be useful in analysing epidemics.


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Medical Simulation - Shacra project team - ©Inria Lille

Medical Simulation

The intergovernmental seminar in pictures


The intergovernmental seminar on digital sciences was held on Thursday, 28 February at the University of Cergy-Pontoise. The Inria Shacra research team (a joint team with the University of Lille 1*) offered a demonstration of medical simulation, in the presence of French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, Geneviève Fioraso, French Minister of Higher Education and Research, and Fleur Pellerin, French Junior Minister for Small and Medium Enterprises, Innovation and the Digital Economy. The visiting ministers were given the opportunity to test the demonstration program.


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ClinMine : analyser les parcours patients à l’hôpital


Length of hospitalization, care protocols, examination results, and transfer of records between doctors...French hospitals generate a significant amount of data. Knowing how to process and analyze them could enable an optimization of the patients' care. This is precisely the aim of the ANR ClinMine project, in which, notably, members of the Modal 1 project team from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe center have taken part.


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Numii®, Occupational Health in the Digital Age


In joining forces, they aim to revolutionise the world of Occupational Health thanks to their Numii® project, developed to improve the detection and analysis of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). We met the two men behind the project - not only do they think alike, their names are rather similar too: David Daney, researcher at INRIA and AUCTUS team leader, and Cyril Dané, CEO of AIO.


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Cité Santé Salon

23/03/2018 to 24/03/2018

In the heart of the Grand Est region, in Nancy, the Cité Santé exhibition promotes health innovation and its new uses. All talks will be in French

Place : Centre Prouvé, Nancy


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