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Fabien Gandon, Inria (équipe Wimmics) - © Inria / Photo G. Maisonneuve

Futur en Seine

Inria celebrates the 25th anniversary of the Web

LH - 5/06/2014

As part of the Futur en Seine, Inria is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Web alongside Tim Berners Lee, the inventor of this fantastic tool! On 13 June, at a conference, Sir Tim will share the challenges that, from his point of view, await the Web in the next 25 years. His speech will be followed by a discussion with various Web experts, including Fabien Gandon, manager of the Inria Wimmics project team, who will give us his vision of the Web.


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Innovation - Embedded systems

Integrated approach to developing ubiquitous applications

Many communicating objects (camera, telephone, computer, etc.) equip our spaces and form "ubiquitous environments." Omnipresent in many fields (building management, personal assistance, etc.), this team's objective is to design an integrated approach and tools dedicated to the development and simulation of ubiquitous applications. 


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