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Rencontre Inria Industrie

Télécoms du futur


Le jeudi 13 novembre 2014 se tiendra une nouvelle édition des Rencontres Inria Industrie sur le thème «Télécoms du futur».

Place : Inria Paris - Rocquencourt (Bâtiment 01)


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Innovate in viticulture with digital sciences

Séverine Valerius - 6/09/2016

In an extremely competitive global market, the French wine-making sector must face numerous challenges. It must maintain its competitiveness in a durable way, and evolve so as to be in tune with societal expectations. EXAPTA - a decision-support tool (DST) adaptable to any vineyard - was created with this in mind.


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Christophe Morvan, maître de conférences et membre de l'équipe SUMO

Transfert - Start-up

Tools for organising discussion processes

Jean-Michel Prima - 14/04/2016

Christophe Morvan - a scientist with the Sumo research team at the INRIA Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre - and his two partners are preparing to launch Open Agora, a startup that designs innovative computer-aided decision-making software.


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Alain Duprey, directeur général de l'AiCarnot

Carnot institutes : 10 years of innovation

Carnot institutes : 10 years of innovation

AB - 1/10/2015

The Carnot institutes network, which was created in 2006 to bring the world of research closer to that of companies, has proven the strength of its commitment to partnership research and its effectiveness for the economy: it has more than doubled its turnover with companies, going from 186 million Euros of partnership research contracts in the first year to 458 million Euros in 2014. With only 15% of the French public research workforce, it carries out over 55% of research outsourced by companies to public research.


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Transfer and innovation

A new partnership for the Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest Centre, to improve future healthcare


On 12 April, Inria Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest  signed a partnership agreement with Interaction Healthcare , of the Interaction Group. Interaction Healthcare will be working with the CARMEN  research team, which specialises in modelling and calculations for cardiac electrophysiology. The aim is to develop a serious game platform called Medic ActiV, designed for healthcare professionals. The scientific partners for the project are the university hospital institute LIRYC (University Hospital Institute for Cardiac Arrhythmia Research, Care and Technology Transfer) and the university hospital centre. 


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Technology transfer events

The Inria Lille – Nord Europe center organizes events throughout the year to foster dialogue between researchers and businesses. Consider attending to meet research staff and colleagues from the Innovation and Partnerships Transfer Department. Join us for an Inria event!


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Industry of the Future Fair

20/11/2018 to 21/11/2018

The BE 4.0 Industry of the Future Fair dedicated to business, trade and innovation takes place over two days and brings together 230 exhibitors.

Place : Parc des expositions - Mulhouse


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Different ways to collaborate with Inria


While there are a number of technological building blocks developed by the research teams that could match the needs of businesses, it is still critical to adapt and stabilize them and sometimes to train companies in their use.


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I-novia show

25/10/2018 to 26/10/2018

See you at the I-novia show on 25 and 26 October in Strasbourg with our Transfer Service for Innovation and Partnerships and our startups Alerion and

Place : Palais des musiques et des Congrès de Strasbourg

Guest(s) : STIP Nancy,, Alerion


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