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Educational actions


Inria's researchers and engineers are involved in the teaching of numerous post-graduate level and particularly PhD programmes in universities and Grandes Ecoles.


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Training through research

Inria Paris-Rocquencourt is involved with several doctoral schools and also helps to organise various schools for young researchers.


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Large-scale computing experimentation


In Lille since 2005 and hosted by the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research centre since 1 March 2017, the Grid'5000 test bed offers scientists the opportunity to test their software concepts in real-world conditions, which include quite significant computing power and storage capacity. While some calculations would take years on a single machine, the Grid'5000 test bed reduces the time to several days and even several hours with grid computing.


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The Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre tests out a digital culture training

Véronique Poirel - 13/08/2018

Digital technology is one of the four cross-disciplinary themes of the French national Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture (CSTI) strategy.
In keeping with this national strategy, the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre and the association Les Petits Débrouillards Grand Est, with the financial support of the Région Grand Est regional authority, will - from November 2018 until June 2019 - be trying out a digital culture training approach aimed at regional representatives, based on the Class'Code system.


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Partnership with the Bordeaux Education Authority

SV (*) - 11/12/2018

The Bordeaux Education Authority and the Inria Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest Centre have renewed their partnership for three years in order to develop educational projects in the digital sciences, the fight against dropping out of school and in favour of equal opportunities.


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Digital training

Training of Digital Ambassadors: session 2


The second session of the Digital Ambassadors Training (FAN) project will take place on 22 January in Reims. The theme of the day will focus on the manipulation of information.

Place : Reims

Guest(s) : Marie Duflot-Kremer and Erwan Kerrien


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