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Première paire de lunettes présentée par la société 5th Dimension Première paire de lunettes présentée par la société 5th Dimension


Fashionable Glasses Deliver Augmented Hearing

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 14/05/2019

Paris-based company 5th Dimension is about to launch innovative glasses whose legs sport an audio device capable of filtering undesired background noise, improving the quality of a sound of interest and conveying it directly to the inner ear. The feat is made possible by a combo of technologies including two cutting-edge signal processing algorithms provided by Inria research center, in Rennes, Brittany, France.


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Tech Trends Day


Du 26 septembre au 3 octobre, EuraTechnologies fête ses dix ans ! Inria y participe, via un workshop et des masterclass qui se tiendront le mardi 1er octobre... 

Place : Euratechnologies avenue de Bretagne Lille


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Digital applications in healthcare

10 years of research for and in relation to healthcare at the Bordeaux site

Mediathena – C.D. (*) - 14/11/2019

Healthcare is a key field of application for Inria, particularly in Bordeaux with its rich, dynamic ecosystem. Six of our project teams are conducting research in partnership with foundations, industry stakeholders, and hospitals and care centres, while additionally leading to several startups. Let's take a look at these six teams who are actively contributing to the digital transformation of the sector.


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