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JB Mouret


For Jean-Baptiste Mouret, robotics is fantastic

J.Tourdiat/J.B. Mouret - 16/12/2016

Specialised in artificial intelligence and robotics, Jean-Baptiste Mouret joined the Inria Nancy - Grand Est centre in May 2015. As a member of the Larsen team, he is brilliantly putting in place the project that earned him an ERC grant. Here is a look back at the success story of this young 35 years old researcher...


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Interaction Homme-robot © Inria / Photo L. Phialy

Research infrastructures

Robotics cluster: Robots serving humans

Robotics, which for a long time has been limited to performing repetitive tasks in controlled environments, has made great strides and is now breaking into all areas of society, particularly in order to perform useful services for the well-being of humans and their environment. 


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