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PlugDB, a Secure Personal data Server

Team Smis, Inria Saclay - Île-de-France -

At the time we are witnessing an increasing accumulation of personal data on central servers, PlugDB draws a radically different and fully decentralized vision of the management of personal data. It builds upon the emergence of new devices combining the security of smart cards and the storage capacity of NAND Flash chips. PlugDB embeds, in such devices, a full-fledged Personal Data Server capable of acquiring, storing and managing securely personal data under holder’s control. PlugDB will be demonstrated with two use-cases: (1) a secure personal medical-social folder and (2) a privacy-by-design survey platform.


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The CNIL - Inria Prize has been awarded


The CNIL (French Data Protection Authority) and Inria have awarded the 2017 "privacy protection" Prize to a European research team. During the 11th international conference Computers Privacy and Data Protection  (CPDP) to Seda GÜRSES, Carmela TRONCOSO and Claudia DIAZ for their article « Engineering privacy by design reloaded  ».


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