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An example of an elastic part printed using this new geometric model - © Inria / Photo D. Betzinger

3D printing

Stars in metamaterials

Mediathena - 22/07/2019

3D printing allows scientists to create metamaterials, i.e. materials whose properties can be configured and graded within the same part. When it comes to using these materials in an industrial context, the possibilities are endless. A collaborative project led by Jonàs Martínez, researcher within the MFX team, a joint undertaking involving Nancy-Grand Est and Loria, resulted in the development of an algorithm capable of generating materials with elastic properties that can be adjusted to suit requirements. The work, which was based around the repetition of patterns defined from star shaped distances, the parameters of which determine the final properties of the material, will be unveiled at the international conference SIGGRAPH 2019.


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