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Remise Prix Olympiades Maths


Prize awarded at the 2010 Mathematical Olympiad

Vanessa Peregrin - 10/12/2010

François Sillion presented the first prize for the 2010 Mathematical Olympiad to the winner of the Grenoble educational district.


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Math is in the air this spring at Inria Lille – Nord Europe


In the spring of 2018, three math events clearly demonstrate that this dynamic discipline is not just for experts: the conference of the French Mathematics Society, the Mathematical Olympiads and TFJM² (the French tournament for young mathematicians). The winning TFJM² team at the national event is jointly coached by a doctorate researcher from the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research center.


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Educational actions

Getting pupils interested

Inria's researchers have met over 700 pupils at the lectures they have given at secondary schools or during the Mathematical Olympiad awards ceremony or the training courses held as part of the "Pépinière de mathématiques".


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The Mathematical Olympiads 2018

Stimulating mathematical reflection in secondary schools

Magalie Quet et Carole Céard (*) - 28/06/2018

Every year, the Inria Saclay - Île-de-France centre supports the Mathematical Olympiads by participating in the organisation of the award ceremonies for the Créteil and Versailles regional education authorities. This mathematics competition aims to encourage the emergence of a new scientific culture and stimulate initiative and a taste for mathematics and research among Year 12 students (all streams combined).


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Mathematics Olympiad 2019


In partnership with the Lille Academy, Inria has received the winners of the Math Olympics for the tenth consecutive year on Wednesday 05 June.


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