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Ethomice: a platform for simulation and analysis of small laboratory animals

Research team : MORPHEO -

Study on animal model is the first important step in Biology and Clinical research. In this context, the analysis of the neuro-motor behaviour is a frequent cue to test the effect of a gene or a drug. Ethomice is a platform for simulation and analysis of the small laboratory animal, such as rat or mouse. This platform links the internal skeletal structure with 3D measurement of the external appearance of the animal under study. From a stream of multiple views video, the platform aims at delivering a three dimensional analysis of the body posture and the behaviour of the animal.


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Olivier Sentieys, responsable de l'équipe de recherche CAIRN


Body Sensors Going Wireless, Smart and Low Power

Jean-Michel Prima - 11/04/2016

Capturing posture, gesture and motion of the human body is proving useful in a variety of fields such as sports training or physical medicine and rehabilitation. But how to collect the data without resorting to cumbersome paraphernalia? A network of wireless sensors also known as Body Area network (BAN) is a promising alternative. However, power consumption remains very much an issue. Developed by a group of French researchers, Zyggie is an innovative BAN platform that leverages distributed computation as well as radio communication distance measurement in order to reach a much higher level of energy efficiency.


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Sport - Research

Perfecting shooting in basketball

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 27/04/2018

For the past fifteen years or so, scientists have combined biomechanical analysis and virtual reality in an attempt to study sporting skills and to design new training tools geared towards improving player performance. In Rennes, this is one of the specialist areas of the Mouvement Sport Santé (M2S) laboratory, whose Inria team MimeTIC have entered into a collaboration with the Institut des Sciences du Mouvement Etienne-Jules Marey (UMR 7287), based in Marseille. The goal is to develop a viable market-ready tool for perfecting shooting in basketball. It is worth noting that this project is jointly funded by Inria and STAR, both members of the Instituts Carnot network.


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