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Adjusting chemotherapy dosages with artificial intelligence

Laurence Goussu - 4/02/2019

Finding the right dose of medication by trial and error can be a painful experience for patients who are already suffering because of their disease. Artificial intelligence can greatly accelerate this process thanks to a new algorithm created by Adrien Coulet, lecturer at the Université de Lorraine and researcher in a joint Inria and Loria team, in collaboration with researchers from Stanford University. By analyzing patients' digital data, this innovative tool can predict in advance whether patients will need a lower dose of medication thus reducing the suffering caused by side effects. This result was published in Nature Scientific Reports.


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© LLTech The 3D viewer allows to visualize a Crohn’s disease structure not visible at the surface - © LLTech


Guiding the physician during cancer surgery


The purpose of the ADOC project, involving the Galen research team, is to develop an imaging scanner providing guided diagnosis for cancer surgery. It’s labeled by the MEDICEN competitiveness cluster and funded (with respect to Inria) by the Île-de-France Region.


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Nikos Paragios

European Research Council 2010

Nikos Paragios: a life devoted to artificial vision and its applications in medicine

Françoise Monfort - Technoscope - 16/11/2010

This year,  eight ERC grant winners are leaders or members of Inria project-teams. Nikos Paragios, a teacher at the Ecole Centrale de Paris, was awarded a starting grant. Worth approximately 1,500,000 euros, this grant will allow the researcher to reinforce the GALEN team and conduct an ambitious five-year research project on artificial vision and its applications in the medical field. Here, we get to know the grant-winning scientist.


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Laurence Calzone

Colloquium Jacques Morgenstern

Colloquium J. Mrgenstern : Laurence Calzone


Laurence Calzone, research scientist at Institut Curie, will present on 13 june 2019: "Cancer network modelling: towards personalised medicine".

Place : Inria, Sophia Antipolis, Amphithéâtre, Bâtiment Kahn

Guest(s) : Laurence Calzone (Institut Curie)


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Central nervous system exploration

Rose-Marie Cornus - 14/10/2010

The purpose of the ATHENA project-team, created in July 2010, is to explore the central nervous system (CNS, brain and spinal cord) using computational imaging and the support of two major categories of methods: diffusion MRI (dMRI) and magneto-electroencephalography (MEEG). This team is led by Rachid Deriche.


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