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Jacques Sainte-Marie


Interview with Jacques Sainte-Marie


We met with Jacques Sainte-Marie, researcher in the Bang project team at the Inria 
Paris–Rocquencourt research centre.


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Inria and CEMAGREF are analysing currents

Camille Liewig - 10/12/2009

This year, the Rennes-based Research Centre played host to a new team project by the name of FLUMINANCE, conducted jointly by Inria and CEMAGREF. Its originality lies in the fact that it combines the image processing and analysis skills of researchers at the Institute with the fluid mechanics skills of researchers at CEMAGREF. Pollution flows and tornados had better behave themselves!


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Maxime Feingesicht and the representative model of an aircraft wing used in the wind tunnel of the Onera, Lille.

Automatic control

Improving the aerodynamics of aircraft by controlling air flow


As part of the regional partnership CPER (state-region planning contract) ELSAT 2020, the ContrATech sub-program focuses on new technologies in flow control able to reduce consumption and improve flight aerodynamics. Maxime Feingesicht is doing his thesis (co-funded by the graduate engineering school École Centrale de Lille and the Hauts-de-France regional council) on control issues. He has agreed to answer some questions on his research, which is supervised by Jean-Pierre Richard from École Centrale de Lille, Andrey Polyakov from Inria and Franck Kerhervé from the University of Poitiers.


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