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Fabien Gandon, Inria (équipe Wimmics) - © Inria / Photo G. Maisonneuve

Semantic Web

The Wimmics Team and Viseo Give Meaning to Data


The Wimmics Inria–I3S project team and the Viseo R&D centre have created a joint laboratory (LabCom) to widen the scope of research on natural language processing and the Semantic Web. Dubbed SMILK, it will receive funding from the French National Research Agency over a period of three years. The goal is to apply research findings to the design of commercial tools for targeted marketing


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Laurent Romary – New Chairperson of ISO Technical Committee 37


Laurent Romary, a researcher with the Alpage project team, has been appointed Chair of ISO/CT 37, 2016 for a period of 6 years as from January 1.


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Start-up - OCamlPro

Interview with Fabrice Le Fessant


OCamlPro offers services and tools to enable the rapid development of high quality software. Its expertise in OCaml empowers this start-up to develop its activity in all areas where code correction, high availability and security are of major importance. The OCaml programming language, distributed as free software by Inria, is the fruit of 25 years of research and development.

Fabrice Le Fessant, one of the founders of OCamlPro and scientific advisor to the company, spoke to us about its creation... 


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Team project's seminars

Gallium seminar


Synchronous dataflow languages in the vein of Lustre combine a high-level programming model with strong safety guarantees enforced at compile time.

Place : Inria de Paris, 2 rue Simone Iff - Salle Lions 1, bâtiment C - 10h30

Guest(s) : Adrien Guatto


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Prosecco Seminar

Prosecco Seminar


Place : 2 rue Simone Iff 75012 - Salle Lions 1, bât C

Guest(s) : Guilhem Jaber


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