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Inria opens its doors to high-school and university students


Engineers and researchers at Loria and Inria–Nancy–Grand Est are working to help high-school pupils and students understand how our lives are enhanced by digital tools, and, more specifically, how these tools will be used in the jobs of the future. Come and discover research platforms, such as the Smart Home and the High Security Laboratory.


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Cybersécurité : chasse aux malwares


Quantum Leap in Ransomware Tracking

Jean-Michel Prima - 4/09/2018

Located at Inria research center in Rennes, Brittany, France, the High-Security Laboratory (LHS) is coming up with a game-changing approach to ransomware countermeasure. Instead of relying on a signature database or scanning the system for suspicious behavior, the novel tool monitors alteration of the data in search of illegitimate encryption attempts. Called Data Aware Defense (DAD), this yet-to-be-marketed technology is patented jointly by Inria and DGA, the French defense procurement agency.


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