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Nathalie Mitton © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Internet des objets

Objects that are able to communicate

Françoise Breton - 24/11/2011

Nathalie Mitton is the leader of the Pops project team at the Inria Lille – Nord Europe Research Centre. She obtained her habilitation to advise doctoral theses in a rapidly expanding field: the internet of objects. RFID tags and sensor networks – what is the current focus of researchers’ efforts?


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FIT IoT-Lab - © Inria / Photo J. Vandaele


Workshop Internet Of Things - Equipex FIT IoT-LAB

14/10/2015 to 15/10/2015

After the first FIT IoT-LAB workshop last year in Grenoble, which hosted 70 attendees, we propose a second edition in Lille on October 14 & 15, 2015.

Place : Inria Lille - Nord Europe, Villeneuve d'Ascq


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RIOT Summit

15/07/2016 to 16/07/2016

The RIOT Summit, co-organised by Inria, will be held on July, 15-16 in Berlin. This is the first summit of the RIOT community set over two days of great talks and tutorials for IoT enthusiasts.

Place : Freie Universität Berlin - Computer Science building - Takustr. 9 - 14195 Berlin, Germany

Guest(s) : Ralph Droms, Carsten Bormann, Tilmann Scheller, Matthias Kovatsch, Krishna Shingala, Ioannis Glaropoulos, Stefan Schmidt, Michael Frey


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David Simplot-Ryl, Pops Project-Team David Simplot-Ryl,Pops Project-Team

Internet of objects

Internet of objects


David Simplot-Ryl, POPS research team leader and head of science of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre, is co-author and guest of a special issue of IEEE Communications Magazine  on the topic of "Internet of objects".


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© INRIA Sophie Auvin - I comme Internet

Rencontres Inria - Industrie


Equipe projet Infine (Inria Saclay-Île-de-France) -

We will show the various functionalities from RIOT on hardware of the type sensor/actuator to demo a control loop via the cloud. RIOT will be used to generate IoT data locally (via sensors), sending them to the cloud where this data is analyzed. This analysis will result in a physical action (via actuators). We will highlight two use-cases: building automation, and low-cost robotics


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Call for proposals

6 minutes of Serendipity - fOSSa 2013

Sophie Mahéo - 19/07/2013

Are you currently the leader/owner of an innovative project in the field of web technologies, ubiquitous informatics, Internet of Things ? If your projects meets these criterias, we invite you to promote it by presenting it at 6 minutes of Serendipity (Carrefour des Possibles), hosted by EuraTechnologies in Lille, on November, 20th 2013. Take care : proposals accepted until September, 27th 2013.


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