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Some of the ALMA's antennas - ©ALMA


At the heart of the action around ALMA, the world's largest radio telescope

Isabelle Bellin - 13/03/2013

From a plan started in 1995, ALMA, the fruit of a partnership between Europe, North America, Japan and Chile, was officially opened on Wednesday, 13 March, after taking ten years to build. Using its unprecedented radio images, astronomers hope to discover distant galaxies and better understand the processes by which stars are formed. Proper operational use of the giant telescope entails real-time interpretation of thousands of parameters. Emmanuel Pietriga, with members of the Massive Data team at Inria Chile,  is in the country for two years, developing the instrument's control user  interfaces.


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Exploratory actions: opening up new lines of research

Exploratory actions aim to promote the emergence of new research themes. They give scientists the means to test out original ideas. These test runs can then be extended, leading to the creation of a fully-fledged Inria project-team. Presentation of the exploratory actions put in place by Inria.


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