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Inria Awards

Inria Awards 2013

Laurence Hermant - 19/09/2013

The Académie des sciences (French Academy of Sciences) and Inria are now working in partnership to select the winners of the Inria Awards for science, in each of three categories. Together, they honour innovative scientific contributions to computer science and mathematics and promote the contributions and successes of those who are driving the development of our digital world.
The achievements of the 2013 award winners are a testament to the dynamism of computational sciences and their impact on society.


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Computational medicine

Tools for getting more out of brain imaging

Françoise Breton, Technoscope - 28/09/2012

Brain imaging has made a great deal of progress in recent years, providing more and more data and with an increasingly high level of quality.  Developing reliable, high-performance tools to improve the use of these images is now vital. Inria has an important role to play in this respect. The Parietal team is presenting four articles on this subject at MICCAI 2012, as well as contributing to four specialist workshops and running a demonstration at the Inria stand.

Bertrand Thirion, Parietal team leader, Inria Saclay–Île-de-France


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Reactions between a grain of sodium carbonate (in red) and two grains of silica sand (blue and yellow) observed at different temperatures and from different angles. - © The American Ceramic Society


Analysing images helps reveal the mysteries of glass formation

Laure Guion - 10/05/2012

An original partnership has gathered the Parietal team, specialised in computational analysis of brain images, and the Glass surfaces and interfaces laboratory (CNRS/Saint-Gobain) around an original project aimed at solving the mysteries of glass formation. One of the aims behind this research, published on the website of The Journal of the American Ceramic Society , is to produce high-quality glass at lower temperatures than those currently used in industry.


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