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Machine Learning

Applying machine learning to education


The Sequel project-team, which specializes in sequential machine learning, has been working for the last two years with scientists from Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, in a combined team known as Eduband. This team is investigating how machine learning can improve the new educational tools. But can an algorithm measure a student's interest and progress?


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Junior high school pupils discover digital sciences


Martine Reynès and Annabelle Dupuis, information officers at Paul Eluard of Cysoing (Nord) junior high school, gave pupils the opportunity to discover computational sciences. This approach took place in collaboration with the teams at Inria Lille - Nord Europe.


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Secondary school pupils get involved in research!


Last month, the Mint project team (joint with the French National Centre for Scientific Research and the Université Lille 1*) welcomed secondary school pupils and lecturers from the Lycée Baggio in Lille into its laboratory. This meeting was organised by Jonathan Aceituno, a PhD student in the team, and was an opportunity for students to discover the world of research in digital science.


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Potioc and the University of Lorraine

Laure Buquet - 27/01/2015

This is the story of a human and scientific encounter. When Stéphanie Fleck, the Associate Professor leading the University of Lorraine's PErSEUs* team, came to Talence barely a year ago to present her work to the IMH'13 conference (organised by Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest and the Francophone Association for Man-Machine Interaction), she discovered the work of Martin Hachet, who was heading the Potioc project team. 


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Inria célébre les 10 ans de l'ERC (European Research Grant) Inria célébre les 10 ans de l'ERC (European Research Grant) - © Inria / Photo G. Scagnelli


S. Abiteboul's look on the evolution of computing


From his first contacts with punch cards at the CNET (French National Telecommunications Research Centre) to the challenges that lie ahead for society and to his future digital memory...Serge Abiteboul, research director at Inria, casts a sharp eye on 100 years of evolution in information technology.


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Digital culture

IniRobot, an introductory learning sequence to robotics

Mathilde De Vos - 16/10/2014

Introducing computing and robotics in schools is child's play! That is the message the Flowers team wishes to get across using IniRobot, an introductory learning sequence to robotics. 


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Educatec Educatice


Kidlearn: an algorithm to combat school dropout rates

Marion Bachelet - 19/11/2013

The Educatec-Educatice exhibition is a key event bringing together education professionals. Kidlearn, a project run by the Flowers team from Inria’s Bordeaux–Sud-Ouest centre and ENSTA–Paris Tech, will be presented at the Inria stand in Paris from 20 to 22 November.


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RoboCup Junior: Poppy is on its way to Montreal

Stéphane Menegaldo - 23/05/2018

The Poppy robot - which was designed by Inria scientists and came to life within the FLOWERS project team - has, over time, become an invaluable assistant in the educational world, in its different forms: Poppy Humanoid , Poppy Torso , Poppy Ergo Junior , Handy ... At the beginning of May, two teams of students won the national final of RoboCup France thanks to Poppy Ergo Jr. and will be heading off to Montreal at the end of June for the world final.


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2017 Activity Report

The Digital Life in 2017


Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, robotics,  health, environment, security and privacy, culture and education, connected society...Let’s discover the 2017 Inria Activity Report as a comic strip series which presents the Inria researches  and highlights the impact of the digital revolution cross all areas of society.


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call for projects e-FRAN

Digital technology serving education


Within the framework of the Investments for the Future 2 programme (PIA) led by the Commissariat-General for Investment, the e-FRAN (areas for training, research and digital animation) call for projects has chosen two project teams from the Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest centre: Potioc and Flowers. Here there are no gadgets, but real digital tools to improve the students' knowledge and increase their motivation.


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