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Colivad: modeling and optimization of the logistics chain

The global logistics chain involves the optimization of flows at all stages of the Supplier/Customer chain: production, procurement, storage, distribution. Our team focuses on the optimization methods applied to the logistics chain at both the operational and strategic level. In the COLIVAD project, we have developed an optimization tool for package delivery that takes into account the resources specific to the company and its subcontractors.


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Inria Innovation Lab Exapta : Ertus Consulting & project-team Realopt

The aim of this shared project, led by Ertus Consulting (Ertus Management group) and the joint project team RealOpt (Inria, University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux INP, CNRS) is to simplify operations management in the wine-producing sector.

The goal is to develop a decision support tool making it possible to facilitate the planning of work in the vineyard and to calibrate equipment and strategy, such as those relating to phytosanitary treatments or soil management.


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Feedback Experience : Inria Innovation Lab METIS

Artelys  is an SME specialising in optimisation solutions, statistics and decision support. The company has become a leader in the field in France, and is expanding in the international market. Artelys provides solutions and services ranging from strategic optimisation to developing operational software solutions.


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