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Information theoretically secure private information retrieval

Project team Grace (Saclay - Île-de-France) -

This demo show a toy example of "private information retrieval" protocol. This protocol enables to query a remote database, in such a way that the remote server (or cloud) does not the query. It is more privacy than security.


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"Fact-checking" software for understanding the world in which we live

Charlotte Renauld - 21/09/2015

Ioana Manolescu, Research Director at Inria Saclay – Ile-de-France Research Centre, heads the OAK team, a joint team with Université Paris-Sud. She is currently working on a tool for deciphering content: "An application for rooting out the fibs told by politicians?" as headlined by the paper Ouest France in an article published on Thursday, 3 September 2015.

Here we take a look back at Ioana Manolescu's career and at how this ambitious project came into being.


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Software assets

Launching of Software Heritage

AB - 30/06/2016

Inria announces on June 30th 2016 Software Heritage, an ambitious initiative to collect, organise, preserve, and make easily accessible the source code of all software that is publicly available.


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