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Strategic Partnership

Inria and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs are celebrating the third anniversary of their joint laboratory

Laurence Hermant - 18/01/2011

How can telecommunications networks be automated to the maximum extent? How to handle the complexity of the data flows and communications exchanged? How can networks' expansion be maintained, while maintaining an impeccable quality level? These are some of the issues behind research conducted by the Inria and Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs joint laboratory dedicated to the communication networks of the future A partnership which is now three years old.


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Research - Scientific awareness

Scientific and technology awareness

Promoting the understanding and appropriation of scientific knowledge by a wide audience is a recognised necessity, in a world where science and technical considerations play a major role in terms of economics and society. As such, in keeping with its strategic objectives, Inria conducts numerous scientific awareness actions, aimed both at young people and the general public. 


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Soutenance de thèse

Soutenance de thèse de Sophie MOUFAWAD (ALPINES)


Place : Université Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC), Jussieu - 10h00 dans la salle 15.25.102

Guest(s) : Sophie MOUFAWAD (ALPINES)


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Innovation - Embedded systems

UbicityTM: the smart touch window

Ubicity™, the "smart window," is revolutionizing local communication by transforming an ordinary store window into an interactive touch screen that reacts as consumers pass it. The window recognizes and reacts intelligently to the actions of those who pass by. As individuals pass it, the window comes to life and invites them to strike up an interaction with the brand's interactive service. Alone or in a group, consumers will use their fingertips to perform further research in direct contact with the window.


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Conférence scientifique

SC15 Invited Talk-Dr. Laura Grigori (EPI Alpines)


SC15 Invited Talk-Dr. Laura Grigori Presents Fast and Robust Communication Avoiding Algorithms: Current Status and Future Prospects.


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Innovation - Embedded systems

Integrated approach to developing ubiquitous applications

Many communicating objects (camera, telephone, computer, etc.) equip our spaces and form "ubiquitous environments." Omnipresent in many fields (building management, personal assistance, etc.), this team's objective is to design an integrated approach and tools dedicated to the development and simulation of ubiquitous applications. 


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Véronique Cortier

European Research Council 2010

Véronique Cortier: securing protocols

Olivia Brenner - 25/11/2010

In September 2010, Véronique Cortier, a Senior Research Scientist at the French National Centre for Scientific Research and a member of the CASSIS IPT at Inria Nancy - Grand-Est, has obtained an ERC grant for her project on securing communication protocols and altering them to make them reliable. We went to meet this researcher.


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life tech




The TECH-LIFE 4.1 conference will be held on 8th april, at Beaux-Arts auditorium to 1 pm at 6 pm. It would be an opportunity to talk about technologies of the future.

Nicolas Roussel, the scientific officer of Inria Lille center and the scientific head of the Mjolnir team will be the keynote speaker.

Place : Beaux-Arts Auditorium 18 bis rue de Valmy 59000 Lille

Guest(s) : Nicolas Roussel


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Join us!

Careers in communication, production and dissemination of knowledge

How can the digital sciences be shared with the general public? Imparting a scientific culture in the digital sciences is one of the tenets of Inria’s public service mission, and today it is a crucial issue in a society transformed by digital technology. So how can we make digital science more accessible? Our communication, digital culture and publishing services publicise the work of the research teams and consider the pedagogical and educational issues.


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Management Team

Aurélie Willi, Communications Director

On 6 December 2017, Aurélie Willi was appointed director of communication and reports to Inria's directorate-general. Her mission is to make Inria's initiatives and activities known to, and understood by, its different target audiences (internal, external and institutional). The communication department supports the international development of the institute and furthers its proximity with the innovation ecosystem and business creation.


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