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Research-industry partnerships

Towards more fuel-efficient aeroplanes

Olivier Lapirot - 25/03/2014

Thanks to the support of the Commands team, the start-up Safety Line is offering the aeronautical industry a solution for fine-tuning take-off phases. The objective is to reduce fuel consumption.


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Different ways to collaborate with Inria


While there are a number of technological building blocks developed by the research teams that could match the needs of businesses, it is still critical to adapt and stabilize them and sometimes to train companies in their use.


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Industrial transfer

The GeoStat project team and the company i2S join forces


The GeoStat project team and the company i2S, pioneer and leader on the digital vision, optronics and image processing markets, joined forces in 2017 in a three-year industrial transfer project. 


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Inauguration of "Espace LOGIN"

Myriam Andurand - 5/05/2017

The inauguration of Espace LOGIN at Inria Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes took place on 2 and 3 May 2017. This area of discovery, demonstrations and exchanges on the digital sciences is now open for guided and individual visits, from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5.30 pm.


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Inria Innovation Labs

Colinocs Inria Innovation Lab between Colisweb and the Inocs team


The Inocs research team and the start-up Colisweb have just launched anInria Innovation Lab namedColinocs.The Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre is working closely together with innovative SMEs, through bilateral contracts and/or research framework contracts, called Inria Innovation Lab, by focusing on the R&D issue of an SME. 


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Numii®, Occupational Health in the Digital Age


In joining forces, they aim to revolutionise the world of Occupational Health thanks to their Numii® project, developed to improve the detection and analysis of musculoskeletal disorders (MSD). We met the two men behind the project - not only do they think alike, their names are rather similar too: David Daney, researcher at INRIA and AUCTUS team leader, and Cyril Dané, CEO of AIO.


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Jean-Pierre TALPIN, responsable de l'équipe TEA Jean-Pierre TALPIN, head of TEA research team


Verifying integration of heterogeneous factory components

Jean-Michel Prima - 25/04/2018

In an automated factory, each equipment or machinery must meet a myriad of constraints. Ensuring that an entire factory chain satisfies these constraints and safety and security regulations requires simulation, test and verification. However, what can be proved when two heterogeneous components, e.g. mechanics and software, interact with each other? How can one prove that this hybrid aggregate also meets common, global, requirements such as, e.g. latency? Such is the question at the crux of a collaboration between Inria and Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe, two entities located on the same campus, in Rennes, Brittany, France.


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A collaboration that has the wind in its sails


A collaboration that has the wind in its sails! This is how the partnership bringing together the Memphis project team and the company Valorem - a green energy operator - can be defined. This partnership, which began in 2010 with an initial CIFRE (French industrial agreements for training through research) thesis, then enabled the company to join the H2020 AeroGust project in 2015. Today, this European project is coming to an end and the two entities wish to continue to move forward together. 


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Collaborative project

Blockchain: Inria and the start-up Utocat push forward research on smart contracts and transaction management


For the last year, the Rmod* project team, from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research center, has been working with the start-up Utocaton the blockchain. Through three recent publications, the two partners are demonstrating the dynamics of the research carried out as part of this collaboration. Moreover, several other publications are currently in the process of being prepared.  In parallel, theUtocat- Inria collaboration is intensifying with a new research agreement recently signed with another team from the center: the Inocs* team.


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Improved cloud elasticity and cleaner data centres – a joint project launched by Inria and Scalair

M.B. (*) - 31/08/2018

In September 2017, the CIRRUS team, made up of the Spirals project team from the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Research Centre and the company Scalair, was awarded the “Joint Lab‑Company Team” label by the Hauts-de-France region. The research team is working on cloud computing in two key areas: elasticity of cloud-based applications and low-carbon cloud infrastructure.


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