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A new team in Inria Nancy - Grand Est center: Gamble

C.Beri - 22/03/2017

Since 1 January 2017, the Gamble team (Geometric Algorithms & Models Beyond the Linear & Euclidean realm) has taken over from the Vegas team (Effective Geometric Algorithms for Surfaces and Visibility). Olivier Devillers, head of Gamble, tells us about this new team.  


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JGA 2019 - © Bernhard Geiger


JGA 2019

31/03/2019 to 5/04/2019

The Algorithmic Geometry Days 2019 , organized this year by the Gamble project team of the Inria Nancy - Grand Est center, will take place from March 31st to April 5th, 2019 in La Bresse.

Place : Hotel Les Vallées, 31 Rue Paul Claudel - 88250 La Bresse

Guest(s) : Erin Wolf Chambers (Saint Louis University) John Iacono (Université libre de Bruxelles) Micheal Rao (LIP, ENS Lyon) Samuel Hornus (INRIA Nancy) Sylvain Lefebvre (INRIA Nancy)


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Conference in honour of Jean-Daniel Boissonnat

5/09/2019 to 6/09/2019

The Inria Sophia Antipolis - Mediterranean Centre is organizing September 5 & 6, 2019, a conference in honour of Jean-Daniel Boissonnat, a pioneer in the field of algorithmic geometry, who has greatly contributed to the development and emergence of a French community that is now very active in this field.

Place : Inria centre de Sophia Antipolis - Méditerranée


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