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Taj Muhammad Khan PhD student


Taj Muhammad Khan is  a PhD  Student in the ALCHEMY team project at Inria Saclay Île-de-France. He describes his experience since his arrival at Inria as part of an exchange programme between Pakistan and France.


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Bruno Lévy  © INRIA / Photo C. Lebedinsky  © Inria / Photo C. Lebedinsky

Inria Awards 2011

Bruno Lévy, a pioneer of digital geometry

As the first winner of the Inria Young Researcher Award , Bruno Lévy sees himself, once again, comforted in his groundbreaking choices to associate applied mathematics and IT to model 3D objects using a computer, whether for video games or for digital simulation.


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Fondation Inria

Inria Foundation

Inria Foundation : making sense of the digital world

Dircom (*) - 21/12/2018

Inria specifies the missions of its Foundation, created in 2017, which will support bold and meaningful projects in digital science.


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