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Fabien Gandon, Inria (équipe Wimmics) - © Inria / Photo G. Maisonneuve

Semantic Web

The Wimmics Team and Viseo Give Meaning to Data


The Wimmics Inria–I3S project team and the Viseo R&D centre have created a joint laboratory (LabCom) to widen the scope of research on natural language processing and the Semantic Web. Dubbed SMILK, it will receive funding from the French National Research Agency over a period of three years. The goal is to apply research findings to the design of commercial tools for targeted marketing


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Joint Laboratory between Inria and Qwant

A.B. relu ML.G. - 14/11/2017

On the occasion of Inria's 50th anniversary, Qwant and Inria have just signed a strategic research partnership agreement entitled "Smart Search and Privacy". This collaboration takes the form of a joint laboratory, for a duration of four years, focusing on the themes of information searches on the Web, security, programming languages, new data published on the Web, the processing of multimedia resources and the respect of privacy.


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Experience feedback : Inria Labcom SMILK

In January 2014, Inria and the company VISEO launched a joint laboratory called SMILK (Social Media Intelligence and Linked Knowledge), for a duration of three years. The aim of this joint laboratory was to accelerate the analysis of Web and social media content and data.


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Inria Innovation Lab EduMICS : Educlever & the joint project-team I3S/WIMMICS

In February 2017, Inria and Educlever launched the EduMICS Inria Innovation Lab, aimed at accelerating Educlever's research in the field of adaptive and collaborative learning.


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Justifying Machine Decisions

A gift from Accenture for Wimmics' research team



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Best paper award

Michel Buffa honoured at the 2017 WebAudio Conference


At WebAudio Conference in August 2017, Michel Buffa received a best paper presentation Award for his demo of the WebAudio Guitar Tube Amp Simulator of the Wasabi Project. Michel Buffa is a lecturer at the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and member of the joint I3S / Inria Wimmics project-team. His co-author is Jerôme Lebrun researcher at the I3S laboratory of the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. The Wimmics research team has developed applications using WebAudio emerging technology, a new W3C standard which can be found in recent web browsers and has thus created in a webpage the simulation of a guitar tube amplifier, which is unique in the world. The guitarist can recreate a guitar amp on his computer, with no installation necessary.


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ISWC 2016 Conference

WIMMICS : best demo award for AZKAR project and best poster nominee for DBpedia historic project


Nice results for Wimmics team (Inria / I3S) at the International Conference on Semantic Web (ISWC 2016 ranked A*) which took place to Kobe:

best demo award for AZKAR project and best poster nominee for DBpedia historic project.


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Les Mystères d’Athéna : an intelligent serious game


Designed by Gayatech, the serious game Les Mystères d’Athéna [The Mysteries of Athena] immerses schoolchildren of the Alpes-Maritimes into an ancient 3D world. In a bid to solve the enigmas proposed by this edutainment adventure, students will be able to use an intelligent search engine, benefiting from the semantic expertise of the Wimmics joint project-team (Inria, I3S (UNS-CNRS)). Fabien Schmitz, CEO of Gayatech and Catherine Faron-Zucker, vice head of the Wimmics project-team, explain.


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