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Inria has discovered a new loophole in the TLS protocol, widely used to secure data exchanges over the Internet

MD - 5/03/2014

On the 4th of March 2014, at the IETF 89 conference, a team of Inria researchers announced the discovery of a major security loophole in the TLS protocol. This protocol is the main security mechanism employed to protect communications over the Internet. Under certain circumstances, this weakness would allow hackers to steal the identities of users, particularly in banking and business networks. This loophole only affects a small number of Internet users and an update has already been released to address the problem. However, researchers at Inria are recommending that the TLS protocol be radically rewritten.


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Karthik Bhargavan


Logjam: a new security flaw in cryptographic algorithms

Related team: PROSECCO / CARAMEL - 9/06/2015

In March, the Internet was thrown into turmoil by the FREAK attack discovered by the PROSECCO team. Following the discovery of the Logjam vulnerability, Karthik Bhargavan, who heads this team (focusing on verifying the cryptographic mechanisms used to secure internet communication: cryptographic protocols, smart cards, secure flash drives, encrypted databases, etc.) and who is one of the researchers who worked on the discovery, told us about it in more detail.


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Portrait de Karthikeyan Bhargavan Karthikeyan Bhargavan


FREAK vulnerability detection


Last November, the Prosecco research team led by Karthikeyan Bhargavan discovered a vulnerability in the TLS protocol used to secure internet communications. Interview with Antoine Delignat-Lavaud , doctoral researcher and member of the Prosecco research team.


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