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European Research Council 2011

Dale Miller: “Making proof universal”

Sophy Caulier - 9/01/2012

As the beneficiary of an ERC Advanced Grant for experienced researchers, Dale Miller has embarked on the difficult path of establishing proof. His aim? In this field, which is highly abstract but which has a definite impact on the real world, he wishes to standardise proof systems and issue certificates for such systems in order to promote greater confidence in them.


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LabCom ProofInUse : AdaCore & Toccata team-project

ProofInUse is a common laboratory common between Inria Toccata research team, which specializes in formal specifications and computer-assisted proof, and to AdaCore, a software publisher specializing in providing software development tools for mission-critical systems. Its objective is to propose verification tools based on mathematical evidence and to solve the difficulties that currently limit its use at the industrial level.


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