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Frank Cappello Frank Cappello - © Inria Photo Jim Wallace

Inria-Urbana champaign

Productive partnership for high performance computing


As the fifth workshop of the Inria-Urbana-Champaign joint lab (Joint Laboratory on Petascale Computing-JLPC) came to an end in Grenoble, Franck Cappello, its co-director, took stock of the activities of this institution dedicated to high-performance computing. Two years after its creation, it was now time to review its most emblematic results and to present its current research on climate and the international G8 Exascale project, with which the joint laboratory is associated.


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Matthieu Dorier © Matthieu Dorier

Inria-Urbana Champaign

Matthieu Dorier winner 2011 ACM-SRC

Françoise Monfort - 30/09/2011

Matthieu Dorier received the second prize at the ACM Student Research Competition, held in conjunction with the International Conference on Supercomputing, in Tucson (Arizona), from 1st to 3rd June, 2011. He was awarded this prize while doing a Masters internship at the Joint Laboratory for Petascale Computing-JLPC, a joint laboratory set up by Inria and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.


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Inria & SMEs

HPC-SME Initiative: supercomputing within the reach of SMEs

The HPC-SME Initiative is a program launched jointly by GENCI, Inria, OSEO and four global competitiveness clusters (Aerospace Valley, Axelara, Minalogic, Systematic). Its objective is to facilitate and encourage SME (PME in French) access to High Performance Computing (hence HPC-PME), a luxury often reserved solely for major industrial companies. Because it can shorten the time for testing services and products and process large amounts of mixed data, the use of supercomputing allows SMEs to remain aggressive on competitive, changing markets.


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Prix et distinction

SIAM SIAG/Supercomputing Best Paper Prize 2016


Laura Grigori and her co-authors, Professors James Demmel, Mark Hoemmen, and Julien Langou have being selected to receive the 2016 SIAM SIAG/Supercomputing Best Paper Prize for their paper, “Communication-Optimal Parallel and Sequential QR and LU Factorizations,” published in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing 2012.


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Simulation and supercomputing: Inria and EDF renew their framework agreement

Laurence Goussu - 5/10/2016

Building on many years of collaboration and a first framework agreement entered into in early 2010 on the optimisation of power generation and management systems, Inria and EDF are once again partnering on new shared research topics, with a five-year agreement focused primarily on simulation and supercomputing.


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International conference

SuperComputing 2012

Nathaly Mermet - 12/11/2012

The global community of scientific computing has assembled in Salt Lake City, and will remain there until 16 November. Inria, a committed member of this event, established in 1988, has participated for nearly 20 years by sending its specialising in high performance computing (HPC).


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High-performance computing

Inria and BULL partnerships

Marie Gallas - 13/01/2011

Inria and Bull extend their partnership in high-performance computing


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Avion d'affaire Falcon - Écoulement transsonique  © INRIA

Aeronautics, defence, space, security


Some examples of Inria start-ups and technologies to keep a close eye on in the fields of aeronautics, space, defence and security.


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Visualisation des 2 ventricules cardiaques et de l'architecture des fibres cardiaques à partir d'images médicales © INRIA / ASCLEPIOS

Research fields

Inria Project Labs, major interdisciplinary research programmes

Inria Project Labs' initiatives enable the launch of ambitious research projects directly linked with the institute. These programmes are often interdisciplinary and call on a wide range of skills. Aim: mobilising and highlighting the expertise of Inria researchers around key challenges.


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