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Large-scale computing experimentation


In Lille since 2005 and hosted by the Inria Lille – Nord Europe research centre since 1 March 2017, the Grid'5000 test bed offers scientists the opportunity to test their software concepts in real-world conditions, which include quite significant computing power and storage capacity. While some calculations would take years on a single machine, the Grid'5000 test bed reduces the time to several days and even several hours with grid computing.


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David Simplot-Ryl © Inria David Simplot-Ryl, the head of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe centre

Careers at Inria

David Simplot-Ryl: "Discovering theoretical computer science led me into research"

David Simplot-Ryl is a researcher, science officer and head of science at the Lille - Nord Europe centre. Every day he combines three roles, bringing to his work a passion that has been with him since childhood.


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