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Novel Algorithms for Audio and Signal Modeling

Jean-Michel Prima - 18/06/2013

A new team at Inria research center in Rennes, Panama positions itself at the crossroad of mathematical signal processing and audio modeling. Ultimately, its work might well also reverberate into a smarter exploitation of high-dimensional data, as team leader and ERC grantee Rémi Gribonval  explains.


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Nancy Bertin Nancy Bertin, CNRS researcher and member of PANAMA research team


A tool for separating audio sources

Jean-Michel Prima - 24/08/2017

Developed at the Inria Rennes – Bretagne Atlantique centre, FASST software is used by audio professionals to separate the various instruments playing a piece of music or to isolate spoken language from accompanying ambient noise. With one reservation: the software remains difficult to use. Inria is thus going to undertake a technology development initiative to make it more user friendly, as researcher Nancy Bertin explains.


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Iros Conference

Joris Rinoldo - 24/10/2018

From 1 to 5 October, Antoine Deleforge and Martin Strauss took part in the IROS conference in Madrid to present their paper entitled "Dregon: Dataset and Methods for UAV-embedded Sound Source Localization"


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Ambiciti side-steps from environment to sports

Mediathena – CD (*) - 16/09/2019

Founded in 2016 to offer an ambitious application for real-time analysis of air and noise pollution, the start-up came across some unexpected opportunities in the world of sports two years later. It will now focus on collecting information to analyse the “fan experience”.


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