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MoGo Software - The Game of Go

The Game of Go


As part of the Inter-Regional Program of the European Union and invited to the 2009 Taiwan Open, the MoGo project coordinated by Olivier Teytaud of the TAO project team broke a new record by producing the best worldwide performance to date in Go 19x19. This parallelized algorithm can be used, beyond the game of Go, to solve a wide range of problems.


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Salons solutions électroniques 2011


Machine to machine

29/03/2011 to 31/03/2011

With more than 4800 m² of exhibits and four professional electronic exhibitions, rts EMBEDDED SYSTEMS, MtoM, DISPLAY, and ESDT will present the offering and the innovations of some 150 manufacturers and publishers, both French and foreign, primary suppliers and integrators, distributors of hardware and software solutions, services, and engineering.

Place : Porte de Versailles - Paris


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3rd MIXMOD session


MIXMOD (MIXture MODelling) is a software program for handling issues of density estimations, classification, or discriminant analysis.

Place : ENS-LYON - Site J. Monod, Amphi B

Guest(s) : G. Celeux, Inria - F. Langrognet, CNRS - U. Franche-Comté - C. Ruckebusch, LASIR, U. Lille 1, CNRS - C. Biernacki, U. Lille 1, CNRS, Inria - S. Cohen, IPANEMA-SOLEIL - C. Maugis, IMT, INSA Toulouse, U. Toulouse - O. Delrieu, PGXIS, UK


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Nicholas Ayache Inria / Photo Y. Obrenovitch

Inria Awards 2014

Nicholas Ayache: Inria - French Académie des sciences Grand Prize 2014

LH - 6/10/2014

As an exceptional grade senior researcher at Inria, Nicholas Ayache is one of the most eminent researchers in the field of medical imaging analysis and simulation. He has cultivated a deep interest in industry and helped to create five start-up businesses. The common denominator in his various successes is a remarkable talent for teamwork and the development of skills around new ideas.


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A technology development action for Coq

The Coq technology development action involves a collection of people and teams working together to roll out Coq proof assistant software.


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Cities, IoT and Analytics

Software platform to load and enrich data from various Big Data sources

Start-up Cap Digital - San Francisco -

Dataiku is a startup with the ambition to  revolutionize the daily work of data scientists with a new product, launched in 2014 : DATA SCIENCE STUDIO (DSS). DSS is a software platform that enables you to load and enrich data from various Big Data sources (Hadoop,SQL,Cassandra…), explore and visualize data in a user-friendly interface and build predictive models. 


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Software and the Digital Humanities


What is software and how should we read and write it? In this workshop we will address these questions as they pertain to the emerging field of the digital humanities and the closely related endeavors of digital studies (Stiegler, 2014) and digital methods (Rogers, 2013).

Place : IEA de Paris - Hôtel de Lauzun - 17 quai d'Anjou 75004 Paris


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Séminaire scientifique

Séminaire de Greg Kroch Hartman


at 14h00.

Place : Rocquencourt - Salle de réunion du bâtiment 24

Guest(s) : Greg Kroch Hartman


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Software innovations

To support its technology transfer operations, the research centre relies on several regional structures active in the field of development and technology transfer: GRAVIT (identifying and developing innovative technologies), GRAIN (business incubation), and PETALE (industrial development) in Grenoble, Lyon Sciences Transfert and the business incubator CREALYS in Lyon.


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Active patents

The patent is one of the means of technology transfer. The number of patents filed has increased since 2008, mostly involving software.


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