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Exo-biote - © Jonathan Pêpe / Julien Guillery

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The Exo-biote Artistic Project: Do Robots Have an Organic Future?


Inria Lille – Nord Europe has made its skills and resources available to Jonathan Pêpe, a young sculpture student at Le Fresnoy – the National Contemporary Arts Studio, as an example of original collaboration between contemporary art and new technology.


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© Inria / Photo H. Raguet


Fifty shades of soft robots!

Christian Duriez - 10/11/2015

On the 28th of May, the French blog "Binaire - l'informatique - la science au cœur du numérique" published an article by Christian Duriez, manager of the Inria Lille - Nord Europe Defrost research team. The article focused on the main research interest of this team : deformable robotics. Citing parallels with the newly-released Disney film, Big Hero 6 , Christian Duriez helps us to understand whether the soft robot Baymax is solely a work of fiction, or whether it is based on real soft robot research. The article has been published jointly with )i(nterstices, an online scientific journal, created by researchers with the aim of bringing computer science to a wider public.


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