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Start-up Vulog


Start-up Vulog

AB - 15/10/2015

VULOG, an Inria start-up created in 2006 by Georges Gallais and David Emsellem, is the European leader in car-sharing technologies. It has just raised 8.4 million euros from the Fonds Ecotechnologies and the Environmental Technologies Fund to develop a new generation of car-sharing on a world scale.


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Séminaire des équipes de recherche

Séminaire Rits


Place : Inria de Paris - 2 rue Simone Iff - Jacques-Louis Lions 2, 14h00

Guest(s) : Mohan Manubhai Trivedi (University of California San Diego, USA)


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White Paper

White Paper on Autonomous and connected vehicles


Following the publication of its first White Paper on Artificial Intelligence, Inria unveils a second document, this time on autonomous and connected vehicles, in which it identifies and highlights all the issues surrounding the major advances and innovations in this field. What are the technological and scientific challenges, the economic, social and environmental issues, and the legal and ethical implications? This White Paper is a reference text that evaluates, questions and looks ahead.


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Start-up YoGoKo

YoGoKo, towards an innovative platform for intelligent transport

AB - 2/09/2015

At the dawn of the age of the connected and cooperative vehicle, the issue of means of communication between different equipments is an urgent one. The start-up YoGoKo - twice prize-winner at the i-Lab competition - already has a promising "all-in-one" solution. Its CEO, Thierry Ernst, explains.


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