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Team project seminary

Gallium Seminary


Our work is at the frontier between real-time scheduling and compilation. Our objective is to build parallel software that respects hard real-time requirements.

Place : I N R I A Paris - 2 rue Simone Iff (ou: 41 rue du Charolais) - Salle Lions - bâtiment C

Guest(s) : Keryan Didier


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Project-team seminary

LPMA INRIA Mathrisk seminary


LPMA INRIA Mathrisk seminary

Thursday december 7 from 9:00 to13:00

Place : Université Paris 7 - salle 2015, P7 Sophie Germain

Guest(s) : Christa Cuchiero (Vienna university), Olivier Guéant (Paris 1), Aurelien Alfonsi (ENPC), Idris Kharroubi (LPMA-UPMC)


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