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3e edition of CNIL-Inria Prize


The third edition of the CNIL-INRIA "Privacy Protection" Prize starts on 16 May 2018. It will reward a scientific paper on privacy and personal data protection published in 2016-2017.


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2017 Activity Report

The Digital Life in 2017


Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, robotics,  health, environment, security and privacy, culture and education, connected society...Let’s discover the 2017 Inria Activity Report as a comic strip series which presents the Inria researches  and highlights the impact of the digital revolution cross all areas of society.


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© Inria / Photo H. Raguet Inria / Photo H. Raguet

Security and Privacy

The 2018 CNIL - Inria Prize has been awarded

Dircom - 31/01/2019

On the occasion of the 12th edition of the international Computers, Privacy and Data Protection (CPDP) conference, Pierre Laperdrix, Walter Rudametkin and Benoit Baudry received the award for their article "Beauty and the Beast: Diverting modern web browsers to build unique browser fingerprints ". The CNIL-Inria prize rewards research undertaken with a view to creating a trustworthy digital society.


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Inria at NIST


Since 2017, NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) has organised an international competition to standardise post-quantum cryptographic algorithms. Of the 26 submissions chosen as finalists, 7 are the fruit of research by Inria project teams. Anne Canteaut, head of the SECRET project team, talks to us about the objectives and challenges.


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Sebastien Gabriel via Unsplash

Web's 30th birthday

Interviews for the Web's 30th birthday

Dcom - 15/03/2019

Thirty years ago, the Web was set up to meet an ever-growing need to organise and access information. As a founding member for Europe of the W3C, Inria take a look back at the birth of the Web as both a research subject and a tool, assessing the problems that continue to be raised.


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Lucca Hirschi


Lucca Hirschi, a new researcher within the Pesto team

A-L.Charbonnier - 21/05/2019

We met up with Lucca Hirschi, 29, who joined Inria as a research fellow on 1st January 2019 as part of the Pesto team, a joint undertaking involving Inria and Loria.


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39th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy


The 39th IEEE Security & Privacy International Symposium will be held in San Francisco from May 21‑23, 2018. A scientific article co-written by three members of the Spirals project team was accepted and will be presented by Antoine Vastel, PhD student and co-author of the paper.


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