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Start-up - OCamlPro

Interview with Fabrice Le Fessant


OCamlPro offers services and tools to enable the rapid development of high quality software. Its expertise in OCaml empowers this start-up to develop its activity in all areas where code correction, high availability and security are of major importance. The OCaml programming language, distributed as free software by Inria, is the fruit of 25 years of research and development.

Fabrice Le Fessant, one of the founders of OCamlPro and scientific advisor to the company, spoke to us about its creation... 


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Inria Industry Meetings

AutoKAB : safe speed profile generation

From an acquisition in the field of Lidar (light detection and ranging), we generate a safe speed profile that must be respected by either a human driver or an autonomous vehicle. 


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Innovation - Embedded systems

UbiPost: a service for the integrity and safe distribution of packages

The sending, transport, and receipt of postal packages are complex, costly procedures in case of disputes by one of the parties. Our system makes it possible to ensure the integrity of the contents of a package as well as a secure, automatic transfer of responsibility among senders, transporters, and recipients.


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