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Sofa © Inria / Photo C. Morel

Research infrastructures

Modelling and simulation in medicine, towards a digital patient

Medical imaging has transformed medicine by enabling the visualisation of the inside of the patient's body. Digital simulation in medicine makes it possible to go even further. 


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Yellowbird feather Imagine research team

Inria-SME collaboration

French animated film flies high thanks to Inria


"Yellowbird, ready for take off" (French title: "Gus, petit oiseau, grand voyage") was released on 4 February. Beneath the surface of this contemporary cartoon, the 3D animated film took many long months for animation studio TeamTO to produce, working in association with Imagine, the Inria project team based at the Grenoble - Rhône-Alpes Research Centre. Jean-Baptiste Spieser, TeamTO Technical Director, and François Faure, Professor at Grenoble University and researcher in the Imagine team, explain.


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SOFA: a consortium on the theme of real-time simulation

Marine Loyen - 5/01/2016

As the SOFA numerical modelling software package celebrates its 10th anniversary, the founding members have decided to come together in a consortium. The purpose is to unite a community of researchers and companies in order to pursue its development.


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© Inria / Photo N. Lacaux


Launch of InriaSoft, software community

Jean-Michel Prima (*) - 15/01/2018

InriaSoft aims for the durable development of large-scale software programs by bringing together their user communities within consortia that will finance a team of engineers tasked with their maintenance and evolution. The InriaSoft headquarters are based in Rennes, as Claude Labit, director, and David Margery, technical director of this national action backed by the Fondation Inria, explain.


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Inria and Technologies

SOFA : an open-souce software platform fitting multi-physics simulation requirements

SOFA is an open-souce software platform fitting multi-physics simulation requirements. As a physics engine, SOFA provides mathematical models and algorithms to simulate physical systems, such as soft body dynamics with collision detection. Developed for more than 10 years, SOFA now includes many state-of-the-art models, solvers and algorithms to create new efficient numerical simulations.


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Visualisation des 2 ventricules cardiaques et de l'architecture des fibres cardiaques à partir d'images médicales © INRIA / ASCLEPIOS

Research fields

Inria Project Labs, major interdisciplinary research programmes

Inria Project Labs' initiatives enable the launch of ambitious research projects directly linked with the institute. These programmes are often interdisciplinary and call on a wide range of skills. Aim: mobilising and highlighting the expertise of Inria researchers around key challenges.


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