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Technology Transfer

Priority in technology transfers to innovative SMEs

The Inria Rennes - Bretagne Atlantique research centre has adopted the mission of strengthening its systems for technology transfer to SMEs.


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Two Inria Innovation Lab (ex I-Lab) at the Paris-Rocquencourt research centre

To work together on a joint research programme is the aim of the two "small" laboratories set up jointly at the Paris-Rocquencourt research centre by an Inria project-team (CLIME and GAMMA 3) and an SME, known as Inria Innovation Lab  (ex I-Lab).


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Rencontres INRIA - Industrie

Technology Transfer at Inria

Inria-Industry Meetings

For fifteen years, Inria has organized the "Inria-Industry Meetings," national topical events during which Inria presents its research and technology transfer offering to companies of a given sector, primarily for SMEs.

These events are organized several times per year, in partnership with the competitiveness clusters involved in the topic. As such, industry players in commerce, healthcare, software security, transport, and or numerical simulation, for example, have come together in recent years at the various Inria research centers in France to discuss their issues of innovation.


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Touti Terre and Inria : working to develop agricultural robotics

Mediathena – NLJ - 5/07/2019

Inria and the SME Touti Terre have been working together since 2015 to develop Toutilo, a multipurpose crop-straddling cobot. The aim? To bring digital and other new technologies into the world of market gardening. And to make the work less arduous whilst at the same time increasing productivity. Mission partially accomplished already, and the research continues so that Toutilo can help farmers carry out - and plan - their daily tasks.


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