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Technology - Embedded systems

Polychrony and embedded systems

Jean-Michel Prima - 10/11/2010

Built around the Signal language, Polychrony facilitates the integrated development of real-time embedded applications. It is the outcome of a long cycle of research on formal modelling, as explained by the scientists of the Espresso project-team.


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Bernhard Grill faisant

Signal – Telephone - Videoconferencing

HD sound for telecoms

C. Bachelet - 12/01/2011

Improve sound quality in videoconferences and on the telephone: such is the new challenge set by German national Bernhard Grill, co-inventor of the MP3 format and director of the audio department at the Fraunhofer Institute for integrated circuits. The problem is far from straightforward, as he explained during the multimedia signal conference (MMSP), organised by Inria, at Saint-Malo, in October 2010.


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CC0 / Pixabay

Human-computer interaction

The 1 € Filter: improved Human-computer interaction


Human-computer interaction (HCI) has never been in the news as much as now. While it is true that technological progress is important and reverberates through our daily lives, there are still improvements to be made. Accuracy and responsiveness are at the centre of these concerns. It's also what at stake in the 1 € Filter project of the Mjolnir team at the Inria Lille - Nord Europe research centre.


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