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Art and informatics

IT tools for artists and designers

Françoise Breton, Technoscope - 5/07/2013

Since the 1990s, the field of computer graphics no longer pertains exclusively to realistic images. Line drawings and watercolours are new fields of research with artists and designers the principal beneficiaries.


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Computer graphics

Inria at Siggraph 2013


Inria will be presenting its computer graphics expertise at SIGGRAPH 2013. This event, which will take place 21 to 25 July in Anaheim, California, is a must for all the players in the field of imaging.


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Modeling of virtual characters

Conference - Computer graphics

SIGGRAPH 2013: New approaches for a more realistic modeling of virtual characters


The 40th edition of the International SIGGRAPH conference brings from 21 to 25 July in Anaheim (California) more than 20,000 professionals worldwide around lectures and demonstrations to discuss movies and special effects, computer graphics, interactive technology and video games. On this occasion the Bipop, Imagine and Maverick teams from Inria will present their approaches to modeling in computer graphics.


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