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Rémi Coulom Rémi Coulom, SEQUEL project-team

Collaborative research actions

Scientific Ranking Methods

Géraldine Clermont - 7/07/2010

Could we have predicted that Garry Kasparov would remain World Chess Champion for such a long time? Was France’s recent defeat at the 2010 World Cup a true reflection of their standing? Accurately assessing the real level of sportspeople or game players to predict the result of a confrontation, match or competition is no easy task. Now that online betting is being legalised, can we use science to increase our chances of winning? Researcher Rémi Coulom works on scientific ranking methods. We interviewed him to get some answers to these questions.


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Personal data

You are how you browse

Edward Lichtner - 20/12/2013

Behavioural analysis algorithms are making it possible to profile Internet users with growing precision. Is Web privacy protection soon to be a thing of the past?


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