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Nathalie Mitton © Inria / Photo Kaksonen

Internet des objets

Objects that are able to communicate

Françoise Breton - 24/11/2011

Nathalie Mitton is the leader of the Pops project team at the Inria Lille – Nord Europe Research Centre. She obtained her habilitation to advise doctoral theses in a rapidly expanding field: the internet of objects. RFID tags and sensor networks – what is the current focus of researchers’ efforts?


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Is RFID dangerous?

David Simplot-Ryl et Nathalie Mitton - 20/05/2011

Despite the numerous services it provides, consumers find RFID worrying. The technology uses radio waves. Is it dangerous ? An RFID tag contains information that can be read remotely. Could this jeopardise privacy ?


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Innovation - Embedded systems

Icom: Efficient in-store inventory

As part of the ICOM project (Infrastructure for COMmerce of the future), learn how RFID technology provides an efficient solution for conducting an in-store inventory. In a superstore setting, items on the shelves have an RFID tag. An inventory of these objects can then be conducted with a portable RFID reader. You will learn how the ICOM platform detects, identifies, and collects the information then validates it before sending it to heterogeneous applications.


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Innovation - Embedded systems

Ubi-Board: a personalized information diffusion system

The information diffusion system is a device allowing personalized contextual information to be provided based on the user's location and profile. Users simply access the service by presenting their RFID badge or barcode to the system. They then receive the corresponding information spontaneously, either on a display or directly on their mobile phone. Founded in July 2008, SenseYou designs and implements innovative services based on interactions between objects and people, making intelligent environments possible. 


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RFID tags - @inria


Conférence of Christophe Loussert - TAGSYS (RFID)


March 30, 2014 - 10.30 am - Christophe Loussert (TAGSYS) will present the evolution of RFID technologies and solutions, before and during the SPINNAKER project. He will also give live demos of the most recent breakthroughs from the project.

Place : Amphithèêtre Morgenstern - Inria Sophia Antipolis Méditerranée

Guest(s) : Christophe Loussert


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Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Tracabilité - Solutions RFID - Progilog

24/11/2010 to 25/11/2010

Traçabilité, Solutions RFID et Progilog [Traçability, RFID Solutions, and Progilog] is the only event in France where the expertise of the exhibitors allows business visitors to have a direct dialog about the topics of product traceability, flows, operations, steering and optimization of the logistics chain, and more.

Place : Paris - Porte de Versailles


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