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Local heritage day 2013

Interaction in Spatial Augmented Reality and preserving heritage

Laura Bernard - 12/09/2013

For those involved in heritage, the year 2013 is of particular importance: it marks the commemoration of the centenary of the law of 31 December 1913, the founding text for the protection of historic monuments in France, as well as the celebration of the 30th edition of the European Heritage Days. On this occasion, the Inria Bordeaux – Sud-Ouest Research Centre wanted to reveal how computing plays a major role in safeguarding our architectural heritage. Focus on the MANAO team


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Interview with Lauren Thevin


Lauren Thevin, who is currently doing post-doctorate research with the Potioc project-team, wants to make technology, including virtual reality and augmented reality, available to help people with visual impairment. She will be presenting her research at the Futur.e.s festival at the Grande Hall in La Villette, Paris, in June, and at the ESOF in Toulouse in July. 


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Mind Mirror @inria - kaksonnen


Mind-Mirror: visualising brain activity in augmented reality


Who will be the first to post a video of his brain? Perhaps it will be Anatole Lécuyer, whose Inria research team has developed the "Mind Mirror", a device which makes it possible to see the activity of your own brain.


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