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Thesis prize

Paul Caseau thesis prize

Françoise Breton - 20/06/2012

This year, the Academy of Technology and EDF created a prize in memory of Paul Caseau, a founding member of the Academy of Technology and director of EDF’s Studies and Research. Zakaria Habibi, a post-doctoral student in the Simpaf project team (a joint team with CNRS and Lille 1 University), is the first winner of this prize in recognition of his thesis defended in 2011 in the domain of digital modeling and simulation. The prize was presented on 18 June at the Collège des Bernardins .


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Prizes and awards

Chloé Audebert, AMIES winner


We met up with Chloé Audebert, a former student at Reo and recent winner of the AMIESthesis prize for her work within the team. 


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