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Digital Pompéi : a massive 3D model rendered in Microsoft Edge

Laurence Goussu - 4/05/2015

On the occasion of Microsoft's "Build" conference in San Francisco between April 29 and May 1, a preview demonstration of the "Digital Pompeii" project was made.  It is a deep technical achievement from a project developed in France which was introduced: a visualization scenario of the full 3D model of this world heritage archaeological site as well as an interactive virtual navigation experience via the Microsoft Edge Windows 10 web browser. This great step forward is the fruit of an exemplar collaboration between academic, public and private organizations: Microsoft Research and Inria, through their joint research center in Paris, and the French startups Iconem and Cintoo3D. The broader ambition of this project is to propose a new approach to 3D cartography of cities and major urban centers.


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