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Pierre-Yves Oudeyer © INRIA - Photo Kaksonen  Pierre-Yves Oudeyer - © Inria - Kaksonen

European Research Council 2009

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer: the man who made robots curious

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer received a grant worth €1.5 million for his project. An unusual career between high-tech fundamental research and experimental applications accessible to the general public, a revival of robotics and a journey to the sources of human language. Pierre-Yves Oudeyer had some weighty plus points when he presented his project to the ERC. Through the grant obtained in autumn 2009, the head of the FLOWERS team was promoted European "scientific leader" in robotics.


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Inria Awards 2018

Pierre-Yves Oudeyer : Inria – French Académie des Sciences Young Researcher Award

Can artificial intelligence help us to better understand natural intelligence? Pierre-Yves Oudeyer cultivates a vision of artificial intelligence that is as close as possible to the living world. A vision in which machines are at the service of humans. His guiding principle is looking to mechanisms of intrinsic motivation to enable humans and machines to progress in autonomous learning.


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European Research Council

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Each year, the European Research Council rewards researchers proposing innovative ideas. This programme aims to encourage "research at the frontier of knowledge", whose sole selection criterion is excellence.


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